The Black Falcons started in September of 2007...on the 12th if you want to be really accurate. This page will be the start of the eventual "alumni" archive. I figure it will be easier to keep it all straight if we start now instead of 3 years down the road when we find ourselves looking at old team photos and wondering just who the heck some of the people are.

Nationals Team

March Team

Libs in the Gym


Amanda Preece, Maria Fearnall, Emma Robinson, Andrea Senyk, Sarah Dale, Shannon McNally, Steph Oliveira, Jordanna Lozanski, Britany Bergman-McMahon, Jen Craven, Steph Williams, Melissa Poulin, Melissa McIntosh, Julie Clifford, Kendal Andrews, Ashley Hurst, Laura Thompson, Mike Oliveira, Joel Grazely, Brandon Dejong, Alex Weir

First Term/Nationals only: Jen Punkari, Leah Bailey, Kristen Baer, Lindsay Shelton, Kaylah Lacasse

Second Term Additions: Tonya Stillitano, Terra Stephen

Coach: Trace



Coach: Trace



Coach: Trace



Coach: Trace



Coach: Trace



Coach: Trace



Coach: Trace



Coach: Trace


Alex Steele, Taylor Blandford, Caitlyn Borovski, Dakota Jamieson, Laura Leonardo, Breeana Morris, Mikalya Loehndorf, Allyssa Pucci, Ayleen Michetti, Darcy Dougherty, Amy Sutton, Cassidy McNeil, Kristen Ramsdale, Ashley McGuffin, Corissa Skinner, Jayden Rau, Alicia Hache, Eric Hofstee, Ryan Bordon (Sept-Dec), Josh Kashef, Josh Kominek

Term 1 Only: Britt Liviero, Natalie Bowker. Term 2 only: Natalie Mills,James Kastelic

Head Coach: Maria Fearnall - Asst Coaches: Amanda VanTroost (Preece), Trace