- Christmas Competition Mix by MUSIC 4U - SANTA BRUTUS -

The PCCC will be donating $500 to the Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

DATE: Sunday December 15, 2013 @ Mother Teresa CSS - London

- 1065 Sunningdale Rd East -

Doors open for Athletes and Spectators: Morning. 10:00 am.

Teams that compete in the 1:15 pm session, are respectfully asked to not arrive excessively early. Please see sched and plan accordingly.

SEATING IS VERY LIMITED. PLEASE feel free to bring your own folding chairs. Really. We are serious.

ADMISSION: $5.00 for Adults and teens. Kids Under 7 and Over 70: FREE.

Each year we take a portion of the door receipts and make a donation to the London Humane Society or Salthaven. Our combined PCCC Donations 2006-2011 = $3100.00.

WARM UP time is open, unscheduled and on the honour system both on the main floor and in the warm up gym Teams are expected to share the space. NOTE Teams in the AFTERNOON session - may not have a whole heck of a lot of 'floor' time on the main gym floor.

| Entry Form (as pdf) | PERFORMANCE ORDER(as pdf) |

PERFORMANCE TIMES: | NOTE: times may change slightly prior to competition day. NOTE: We have numerous athletes competing on HS and All-Star teams during the event. We have tried to maximize the time spread between known cross overs. Please prepare your athletes to hustle.

Competition Runs: 11:30am - 2:15-pm | TINY, MINI, YOUTH and JUNIOR TEAMS: 11:30-am - 12:45pm | SENIOR (all-star) and HIGH SCHOOL TEAMS: 1:15pm - 2:15pm |

SITE: Mother Teresa CSS 1065 Sunngdale Rd E. - London. (Map to Mother Teresa Catholic Secondat School)

FEATURING: a 42' x 54' mat (9 strips) mat floor. ALL teams perform twice (even the Minis).

Competition Rules: Consult the PCA Competition Rules link page as well as the USASF Rules and Safety Guidelines pages. If you have any questions or are uncertain of any aspect of the competition, please call the PCA office: 519•434•1037

Divisions Offered: | PCA Divisions | | Entry Form (as pdf) | NOTE: Coaches and team directors - in order to minimize 'one -team' divisions, PCA will ask said teams to either adjust 'down' or 'up' a division if it makes for a more competitive field. You will be contacted in advance of the event to apprised of the options. We fully appreciate that no one likes 'competing' alone and we will try to minimize orphaned divisions.

All-Star Divisions

 Levels Offered

 Mini (8 Yrs of age and younger) NOTE: TINY available upon Request

 1 and 2 together

 Youth (11 Yrs of age and younger)  1  2  3  
 Junior (14 Yrs of age and younger)  1  2  3  
 Note "Small" and "Large" sub categories only if 3+ teams enter per division        
Senior All-Girl (18 Yrs of age and younger no males, 21+ members)  1  2  3  4
Senior 4.2      4.2  
 Co-ed (1+ males, 18 Yrs of age and younger, unlimited team size)  1 2 3 4
 Parent Teams - Always welcome        

PARENT DIVISION: one run. Entry Fee: $50.00 per team. The top team keeps the pot to go toward their respective club's fund raising account. No Entry form required, just give us a call and let us know you are coming (and we will have the paramedics standing by). ELIGIBILITY - you must have a kid on a team at the club you represent... But really, who's checking?

- SCHOOL DIVISIONS. - Will follow the OCF Division designations. "Intermediate" will combine USASF Levels 1,2 and 3 together. "Advanced" will combine USASF Levels 4 and 5 together.

School Division

 Levels Offered

 Primary (Grades 6 and under)

Intermediate Only

 Junior (Grade 8 and under)



NEW - HIgh School "Light" (Novice) Division. Call or email for details

 Note "Small" and "Large" sub categories only if 3+ teams enter per division



 Senior All-Girl (Gr 9-12 no males, 21+ members)




 Small Co-ed (1-4 males, Gr 9-12, unlimited team size)



 Large Co-ed (5+ males, Gr 9-12, unlimited team size)





NOTE regarding Divisions and combining divisions: Division availability will be based on demand.. PCA reserves the option to combine or group divisions to optimize the competition. Teams in affected divisions will be notified prior to the competition. When necessary, divisions of the same LEVEL will be combined, before divisions of differing levels and only after the affected teams are informed of the decision.. Please apply early to assist us in this process.

Entry Fee: $10.00 per athlete. (3 coaches/drivers/trainers per team attend for free)

Entry Fee For MINI TEAMS ONLY: $5.00 per athlete. (3 coaches/drivers/trainers per team attend for free)

Late Fee: See bottom of entry form. Refund Policies | CLICK HERE |

Spectator Admission: $5.00, KIDS under the age of 7 or OVER the age of 70:FREE.

SCORE SHEETS: | Routine Judge (Common to all levels) | CLICK HERE FOR DEDUCTION SHEET as pdf |

| Level 1, 2, 3: | Stunts | Pyramids | Tumbling | Tosses and Jumps | - | Level 4, 4.2, 5 | Stunts | Pyramids | Tumbling | Tosses and Jumps |


| Entry Form (as pdf) | PERFORMANCE ORDER (as pdf) |

If you require additional information, please call PCA

1-800-567-PCA1 (7221) - Local: (519) 434-1037 - Fax: (519) 668-7970