Power Cheer Score Sheet - | Click here for PDF |

Technical Skills 50 Points

Point Breakdown for Technical Skills

  Stunts - 10 pts | L -M - H

  Pyramids 10 pts  | L -M - H

  Basket Tosses/Jumps* 10 pts | L -M - H

  Running Tumbling 10 pts | L -M - H

  Standing Tumbling 10 pts | L -M - H

- stunts (including mount & dismount methods)

- pyramids (including mount & dismount methods)

- tumbling (difficulty, execution, number of athletes involved, frequency)

- jumps* (difficulty, execution, number of athletes involved, frequency)

- basket tosses* (difficulty, execution, number of athletes involved, frequency)

- degree of difficult & execution

- transitions and combinations (stunt-stunt, stunt-pyramid, tumble/stunt etc)

- technical form and skill mastery

*Note: some school districts and regions of the country do not permit teams to basket toss. Thus, we have combined jumps into the basket toss category. Teams that are not permitted to basket toss can achieve high category scores by displaying excellence in jumps (hyper-extended jumps, jump combinations, full team etc). Teams that are permitted to do both, will not be at an advantage.

** L-M-H refers to Low/Medium/High degree of difficulty, ratio of time and athlete involvement.

Deductions - Bobbles, Skills Brought Down, Falls - Will be scored by an independent "Deductions" Judge | Click Here for Deduction Sheet PDF |

- .5 pt deduction for bobbles (stunts, pyramids or tumbling)

- 1 pt deduction for skills brought down (controlled) or tumbling skills with unintentional multi-point/ground contact

- 3 pt deduction for uncontrolled falls, use of illegal skills or prohibited stunts, elements or props, skills performed not in accordance to designated Level

Routine Skills 30 Points

- design and execution of routine

- formations, spacing, use of floor

- use of music

- dance

- transitions

- synchronization, group technique, timing

- motions

- creativity

Overall Impression 20 Points

- perfection of the routine

- facial expression, personality

- enthusiasm

- the big picture

- impact of the whole presentation

Note. All judges have the latitude to evaluate the severity of a fall and score it accordingly. Stunts, pyramids or skills which require the (external) spotters to engage will be assessed per situation re. Controlled or Uncontrolled. Likewise, judges have the latitude to assess the wisdom of including a skill in the routine with respect to safety and execution even if the maneuver is "legal". These assessments are NOT open to debate or appeal and in most cases the judges will favour lesser penalties over greater.

See also: Power Cheer Competition Rules

Note 2 - If you find a typo or something that seems in error, please report it via email to PCA@PowerCheerleading.com

Thank you for helping.