The following General Schedule is posted to help teams plan for the competition day, in broad terms. The specific warm-up area and performance times will be posted on November 10th.

Divisions will be in the same order as round 1 with teams performing in 'Earned Rank order from Round 1' (lowest to highest). The event will conclude at roughly 5:00-5:30pm

The CCU National Team 'Live' Tryouts for both Team Canada Co-ed Premier and Team Canada All-Girl Premier will take place at the Powerade Centre upon completeion of the competition. For information and tryout requirements - go to the CCU web site > Team Canada Premier.


NOTE: Special proviso for teams playing in the Vanier Cup. The 2017 Vanier Cup game will be in Hamilton with a 1:00pm kick-off. Any team (or teams) who wish to compete at the PCACN in Brampton, then head over to Hamilton (roughly a 45 minute drive) - will be given priority scheduling to ensure they have 2 runs with adequate break in between, then be able to make it to the game. This will in all likelihood require them to perform out of their division time slots, but given that the event uses a single judging panel, the scores will be consistent with later performing teams.