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Quick Info:

Teams may enter a maximum of 2 male and/or 2 female entrants and this specialty competition and is ONLY open tomembers of teams that are competing in the Nationals (in the TEAM competition - ie. not just the stunt competition).

All tumblers must perform a minimum of:
1. full twisting back layout
2. Jump-tuck combination (ie. toe touch - back tuck)

Given that this is a tumbling competition, athletes are not scored for non-tumbling elements.

Athletes must provide music on CD (or mp3 player) and the maximum length of performance is 60 seconds.

Athletes may only compete ONCE in either the collegiate or open division competition.

Athletes are to perform in their team uniforms (not practice gear) and shoes must be worn.

Tumbling competition regulations follow the USASF Level 6 guidelines. ie. performers may not use 'props'
or perform flyovers, double backs or exceed double twists.

* All documents are in PDF format