Happy Hale


Alfred "Happy" Ivan Hale, Marshall Donald Macpherson

HUGE NEWS. On Friday October 6, 2006 I received an email from Peter Vickers confirming that he had located irrefutable proof that Western had Cheer Leaders in 1924. This moves our verified origin back by 5 years. All previous references to the cheerleading team starting in 1929 are now incorrect. I thank Mr Vickers for his historical detective work and discovery.


Marshall Donald Macpherson

1926 Yell Leader Macpherson


(Dr) Marshall Donald Macpherson





JW Little


I have never seen a list of names for this, the inaugural year of Western's entry into the "senior" rugby football league, but I did see a text reference to the 1929 season and the boisterous cheerleaders leading the crowd in songs and chants.

In lieu of a team list or picture, we will go with this photo of J.W. Little. It was his gift to the university that built the stadium from which so many millions of memories grew.

This picture was sent to me from Peter Vickers and Naomi (Little) Saunders, the Grand Daughter of J.W. Little himself (Daughter of Senator E.S. Syd Little) - after a chat at a coffe shop on Sept 26, 2006.

If you can help us out here with names or a picture, please email Coach T

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