1980 Traces first season


Head Cheerleader: David Murray

L-R: Dave 'Taus' Tausenfreund, Tyrone Chin, Ian Sproat, Dave Murray, David-Lee 'Trace' Tracey, Brian Campbell

L-R: Sue Fitzhenry, Katie Kovac, Mary-anne Roman, Janet Hutchison, Maree Wright, Marguarite Campbell

Trace became "Head Cheerleader" on the flight back from Edmonton (14-4 loss) in November

Trace's only actual "Tryout": March 6, 1980 Rm 251 UCC


1981 in Delaware Hall
Team in Delaware Hall Formal Lounge


Head Cheerleader: David-Lee 'Trace' Tracey

L-R: Pat Hooey, Tyrone Chin, Trace, Brian Campbell, Rob Mulrooney, Russ Brown, Tim Sloan,

L-R: Janet Hutchison, Judy Wilson, Yvonne Podstolska, Yvonne Iten, Mary-anne Roman, Laura Gainey, Linda Wolf

The San Diego Chicken was the creation of a Londoner named Ted Giannoulis. Pictured here with Sam Gaudet. Sam was on the 'last' Basketball Cheerleading team. Starting in '83, the team did the full year.

1982 Squad
Successful FuturesSome extremely successful individuals (eventually)


Head Cheerleader: David-Lee 'Trace' Tracey

L-R: Phil Jones (handstand), Dennis Cutts, Nic Manojlovich, Trace, Mike Rutherford, Don Grant, Victor Sue-Tang (handstand), not in pic: Mike Fedina

Partial Yr: Russ Brown, Tyrone Chin, Sam Gaudet

L-R: Maureen Hagan, Tonya Shuster, Debbie Meyer, Bridget O'Leary, Kathy Meyer, Diane Gray, not in pic: Connie Putt

Picture at Varsity Stadium. Either the 50-21 win over U of T or the 39-14 loss two weeks later at the Vanier Cup


1983 Team
1983 Team after a home loss to Laurier


Head Cheerleader: David-Lee 'Trace' Tracey, Don Grant, Phil Jones, Mike Rutherford, Jim Aitkin, Dave Dawson, Pete Matheison, Steve 'Sizzler' Ciz, Paul Bongers

Bridget O'Leary, Connie Putt, Kathy Meyer, Sandee Phillips, Nancy-Lynn Shewchuck, Cindy Harrison, Tamara 'Cartwheel Tammy' Blake, Angela Nixon


1984 in front of Stevenson-Lawson Bldg


Head Cheerleader: David-Lee 'Trace' Tracey, Ian Sproat, Don Grant, Jim Aitkin, Steve 'Sizzler' Ciz, Dave Young, Scott Morrison, Mike Fedina.

Tamara 'Cartwheel Tammy' Blake, Kathy Meyer, Connie Putt, Michelle Drenikow, Sharon 'Oki' Okumura, Heather James, Ellen Toal, Lisa Farley

Basketball only: Dave Free, Rich Cherer

J.W. = Tim Miller (**possible error here. In the picture is Anne Farley but we don't have her listed until 2 seasons from now. If YOU can correct this, drop me a note)

1985 Team at Observatory
1985 Squad in front of Observatory


Head Cheerleader: David-Lee 'Trace' Tracey, Scott Morrison, Dave Free, Steve Ernst, Steve Desmond, Doug Childerhose, Glen Daniel, Craig Majernik, Jim Aitkin

Lisa 'Klipper' Klym, Lisa Farley, Tamara 'Cartwheel Tammy' Blake, Sharon 'Oki' Okumura, Adelina Wong, Tracey 'Trix' Clark, Michelle Drenikow, Denise Thompson

J.W. = Tim Miller (Football), John McLaughlin (Basketball)

Picture at left from the 1985 Vanier cup at Varsity Stadium (U of T). Western lost to Calgary 25-6



Head Cheerleader: *David-Lee 'Trace' Tracey, Doug Childerhose, Steve Ernst, Craig Majernik, Scott Morrison, Dan Wattier, Mike Pearse, Mike Curliss

Sharon 'Oki' Okumura, Lisa Vanexan, Lisa Klym, Lisa 'Far' Farley, Anne 'Little Far' Farley, Anne Wilson, Adelina Wong, *Tracey Clark

JV-Football: Matt Dione, Chris 'Psycho' Paiement, Steve Deighton, Eric Hoppe, Richard Early, Wally Farrell | Debbie O'Dell, Jodi Mackay, Lisa Hollingshead, Andrea Ross, Early Exit: Berta Bacic, Late Season subs: Adelina to Varsity, Maria Kleopa in, Trix in after recovery from broken ankle

*Coach: Trace - This was the 'reluctant coach' yr and subsequent competed with JV


1987 team on Steps


Head Cheerleader: *Trace Tracey

Clockwise from lower left: Mike Curliss, Dan Watier, John King, Trace, Marc Pittock, Jay Milroy, Doug Martin, Jim Brock-replaced T pre Nats

Clockwise from lower left: Lynn Takenaka, Lisa Vanexan, Shelly Burnside, Natalie Vonlanthen, Jodi McKay, Adelina Wong, Michelle Versteegh

JV-Football: Scott Majernik, Murray Pennington, Guy Salt, Dillon Tansey, Steve Williams, David Bacon, Paul "Beaker" Patten| Charlene "Winger", Tracey 'Muffin' MacDonald, Barb Kawabe, Patti Burke, Julie Mathews (and BC Mandi)

J.W. = John McLaughlin

Second half of Season - Coach: Trace


1989 B-ball "Fly Western"


Capt. Dan Watier

L-R: Damian Goddard, Jay Milroy, Marc Pittock, (Trace) Scott Majernik, Jim Brock, Keith Heard, Dan Watier, not in pic: Mike Curliss,

Lisa Vanexan, Lynn Takenaka, Natalie Vonlanthen, Joanne Beckett, Michelle Versteegh, Kim Miekle, Liz Gigante, Barb Kawabe

JV-Football: Murray Pennington, Guy Salt, Scott Christie, Jeff Vossen, Bil (with just one 'L') Whiteside, Brett Reynolds | Andrea Kershaw, Jennifer Canters, Cynthia Suckling, Kim Hooper, Kristi Davis "c"

Coach: Trace


MTSU Pink V and JV


Capt. Dan Watier, Mike Curliss, Scott Christie, Keith Heard, Jay Milroy, Damian Goddard

Barb Kawabe, Joanne Beckett, Michelle Trampleasure, Liz Gigante, Natalie Vonlanthen, Melissa 'Hairball' Harrison

JV-Football: Glen Woodburn, Kurt Stroud, Jeff Vossen, Scott Majernik, Craig Reynolds, Paul Hamilton, Brett Reynolds | Laura Arbeau, Tracey Leclaire, Lara Pleasence, Julie Breakevelt (sp), Jacquie VanIrsell, Maria Molek, Emma Lathem, Vanessa 'the diver'?

Coach: Trace


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