PCACN Score Sheet (pdf)

There is NO CHEER requirement for PCACN Routines*. Teams that opt to include a cheer will not be penalized for it's inclusuion but only the skills (stunts, tosses, tumbling pyramids etc) will be evaluated, not the cheer (words, practicality, sign use etc).Teams that opt to include a cheer, do not get 'stop time' between cheer and music. Over-all length of performance for all routines is 2:30. *ICU Collegiate Premier does have cheer component.

Collegiate Divisions at the PCACN use the ICU 'Premier'/(Level 7 equivalent) rules and stunt/tumbling* parameters. Large Coed Guideline/Grid - Small Coed Guidelines/Grid - All-Girl Guidelines/Grid (pdf). The Open L7 Coed and All-Girl Divisions use the USASF Level 7 rule set. Collegiate (L7) Safety Rules (extracted from ICU rules). *See Rule sheets for minor modifications/exemptions to ICU rules.

The Collegiate Intermediate Division will follow the ICU 'Advanced'/(Level 4) rules and stunt/tumbling parameters. Collegiate Intermediate Safety Rules (extracted/adapted from ICU rules) NOTE: There are 2 small modifications to the ICU Advanced tumbling skills permitted. These were added in order to better suit the wishes of Canadian Collegiate teams that may enter this division and due to the fact that the PCACN is held on a sprung floor. Collegiate Intermediate Scoring Guidelines/Grid (pdf).

Open Division teams (if any), will follow the ICU rule set as per collegiate teams.

COLLEGIATE TEAMS using the ICU 'Worlds' Format will have their score sheet posted once Cheer Canada Finalizes the format. In absence of this - please use the ICU UniversityWorlds site and score sheet sample.

Deduction Sheet (On Floor) Sample - Deductions/Routine Infractions Explained - Safety/Rule Deduction Sheet

NOTES: The score sheets and system was selected because of it's simplicity and ease of application. The ICU Rule Set (as used by Team Canada) most closely resembles/follows the USASF guidelines previously used at the PCACN, and is in step with the preferences of the majority of Canadian schools who typically compete at this event. PCA views the pool of Canadian Collegiate cheer athletes as feeders to the National programs and as such, will use the same rule set for competition. Likewise, many Canadian collegiate cheer athletes also compete on IASF/USASF/L5 , L6 and L7teams and the intent is to have the PCACN rule set as open/wide/inclusive as possible. PCA firmly believes that the Collegiate performance standards (and the associated rules and guidelines), should allow collegiate teams the full range of skills presently being performed in our sport. Just as U-Sport (formerly CIS) promotes the highest levels of all sports, so too should Canadian Collegiate cheer. Thus, PCA has opted to use the full ICU rule set (with minor inclusions from the USASF Rules) and not the ICU 'Collegiate'/Scholastic rules at this time.

If a coach or team official sees a possible error, typo or omission, please contact PCA for clarification and/or correction. PCA in no way wishes to create confusion or apply a rule set that is unfamiliar to the majority or the event's participants. PCA reserves the right to edit, correct or clarify the score system pages. Teams that enter other events offering a collegiate divisions, should always confirm the guidelines/score systems used by that event producer.