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Hi, Trace here. I figure that if we don't update the Alumni Archive/Lists while the teams are happening, a lot of the minutiae of our past will be lost. Even now, teams from as recently as 5-6 years ago have some gaps in the membership lists.

If I make a boo-boo or omit a person or erroneously list a person under the wrong year, please drop me a note and I will fix it.

I am even going to list some of the JV and "early departure" people. A lot of them didn't really do the whole ride per se, but they are part of the mosaic that makes our past.

I have only been here for 41 years so I am going to need some help with the preceding 50 . Please drop me a note if you have names to add.

Coach Trace - 

Name the Game or Place?

Saved by Marc and 'the Lord'
When BBall was good
When O Week had ballsGerbil??